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The Mindful Journey is a community committed to well being and performance. Within, you’ll find courses, live sessions, a community forum, content, and challenges all geared toward helping you more meaningfully enjoy life’s journey.

We are very particular about who we align ourselves with. That said, our guests will be comprised of individuals who not only align with our values, but people who we believe have insights, expertise, and experience that will contribute to your life and help you learn new skills.

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Yes! We not only offer unique group pricing options, we also have benefits specifically designed for organizations that are not available in the individual access subscription. Please contact us to learn more about these pricing options and benefits for your group!

Absolutely! The live coaching calls and the interviews will be stored for your access to view whenever you’d like. For as long as you’re a member of the community, you’ll always have access to these recordings.

Of course! While we hope we’re providing enough value to you to keep you around forever, we recognize that over time, your schedule may not permit to stay engaged in all the community has to offer. That said, simply e-mail us (adam@adamjspeaks.com) to cancel at any time. Or, you can cancel through your membership portal too. We promise for a simple and immediate cancellation process!

We’d love to have you back! Unfortunately, however, once you cancel your subscription you no longer have access to any of the resources the community has to offer. That said, once you sign up again you’ll regain full access like you were used to having when you were previously a member!

Organization plans are designed for teams of 10 or more. We know and believe that as individuals live healthier and happier lives, that they inevitably perform better at work. That is why we created plans geared for organizations. Our community can be embedded as a wellness benefit to employees and help to continually drive a company’s internal culture. As a result, there are more features offered to the group option because of the sheer size and unique needs that companies have.

Please contact adam@adamjspeaks.com to sign up as a group. Even if it’s a small team, it’s easiest to contact us directly so we can assign a unique username/password to each of your team members and walk you through the different benefits that will be available within our community as a result of your group purchase. We look forward to hearing from you soon!