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Self-Development Courses

We’ve learned that it’s not enough to simply be motivated. While you’ll find that the content, interviews, and resources within the Mindful Journey are geared toward eliciting emotion to help you be and stay motivated, the mini courses that will be embedded within are meant to
help you put a strategic plan in place to go along with your motivation. Each quarter we will be releasing a course on a new topic with the emphasis to teach tangible skills that you can utilize in work and life. You’ll get certificates upon completion and will be able to use these to show your workplace that you’re committed to improving your skills!

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Weekly Challenges (Ongoing Motivation)

Sunday’s tend to be a day that everyone dreads. And Monday’s then are often occupied with low energy and minimal execution. We want to change that approach! Every Sunday afternoon you will receive a brief dose of inspiration to your inbox with an accompanying challenge to kick start your week. These challenges are intended to help you finally begin to live life fully! If you’re not intentional in taking on new tasks, habits, or challenges to get out of your comfort zone, you’ll simply keep going through the motions. You deserve better and these weekly challenges will do just that — challenge you to be better!

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Monthly Interviews With Guest Experts

Each month we will interview experts in varying area’s with unique skillsets and/or knowledge. These interviews will take place on the last Sunday of every month at 8PM EST. The intent of these interviews will be to help you learn about different industries, learn tangible practices or skills that you can leverage in your own life, and hear stories of every day people like you and I. Some of the guests will be recognizable names who have accomplished feats that have gained notoriety and recognition, and others will be individuals who you have never heard of, but have something meaningful to contribute to help us improve our lives. All of the guests will have one thing in common, however, that is: service! They’re being interviewed for a reason and rest assured the conversation will bring value to help you in your life.

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Monthly Coaching Calls

Coaching calls will take place on the first Wednesday of every month at 8PM EST. These calls will be inspirational in nature with the intent to help provide you with that mid week push needed for you to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. The calls will be an hour in length and there will be an interactive Q&A component for 30 minutes following. This will be an opportunity for you to ask anything you may be struggling with and get answers in real time!

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Community Support

Community not only helps to drive accountability but it helps in providing support. When you join the Mindful Journey, you’re joining a community that’s filled with people who are also inspired to live a happy, healthy, and hope filled life. As a result of your involvement, you’ll have an opportunity to mentor and be mentored. Your fellow community members are individuals that you’ll be able to open your heart to and engage in conversation with. They are people who may become life long friends or business partners. Or, at minimum, they may simply serve as a source of inspiration to help you along your life’s journey!

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On Demand Access

If you can’t make one of the live sessions, no stress! For as long as you’re a part of the Mindful Journey, you’ll have access to all the tools, courses, and replays of interviews and coaching sessions to review at your leisure. Go back any time to catch what you’ve missed or replay sessions that you found so impactful that they needed to be watched again!

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Learning Pathways

Assign different modules within different courses to certain team members to meet them where they’re at in their leadership and/or development. Assigning pathways will not only incentivize employees to “graduate” though programs, but also will provide them with the most immediate skills necessary to help them more effectively or adequately complete their tasks within your workplace.

* Organization Plans Only

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Reporting and Analytics

We recognize that the content in this community isn’t useful if you’re unable to measure what’s actually being viewed and/or how it’s being implemented. You’ll be able to assign a unique user from your team to pull daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports to monitor team members progression through the Mindful Journey content to ensure that it’s adding value for your organization.

* Organization Plans Only

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Onboarding Support

As a token of our appreciation for you entrusting us as your partner, we will provide customized videos unique to your culture and strategic needs. These videos will not only help to increase engagement and participation for your team members to utilize the resources of the Mindful Journey, but they will also be an opportunity for you to leverage when onboarding employees. Every new employee within every organization often sits through an orientation of videos that lack enthusiasm and relevance. Our videos will not only be backed with passion to ensure engagement, but the customization to your culture and objectives will ensure the content is timely and relevant to what you need these team members to hear and learn.

* Organization Plans Only

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