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of workers say that unmanageable stress or frustration impacts the quality of their work.

say burnout from work can negatively impact personal relationships.

of job turnover is due to stress.

*Sources: Deloitte & UMass Lowell

As a business owner, HR executive, or team leader, what are you doing to invest in your people? While individuals in your culture are hired to perform and execute on tasks and responsibilities to help drive the company forward, it’s selfish to believe that they won’t bring personal challenges into your work environment. The people who work in your organization are human. They have health challenges, relationship concerns, financial issues, and may be facing things you know nothing about. Coupling those challenges with any toxicity that may exist in your culture is a recipe for disaster and undoubtedly contributes to turnover and lack of production.

Let Your Team Know That You Care

Having a fancy mission and vision statement that is plastered throughout your office does not build company culture. It doesn’t drive connectivity amongst the internal team nor does it help your team members feel that you truly care. Do you want them to know you care? Provide resources for their well being. Invest in them. Give them the tools they need to succeed. When employees are happier and less stressed, it’s inevitable that they will perform better. They will treat their colleagues better and they’ll treat the customers better too. Implementing the Mindful Journey as a resource for your team will not only let them know that you care, it will provide them with tangible tools and skills that will allow them to be more efficient and effective while they’re at work. From communication to leadership, your team members will develop strategies — personally and professionally — that will provide a positive return on investment year over year.

1 in 5 Adults Struggle with Mental Health Challenges

*Source: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

It’s time to address what has been avoided for so long

Vulnerability is tough. It’s not easy to speak up when we need help or assistance. And it’s even more challenging to speak up if we’re working in a company culture that is toxic and doesn’t welcome the views and opinions of employees. Too often, people fear speaking up for concern of how they’ll be judged. They fear that if they talk about their depression, anxiety, or other challenge(s), that they could be viewed as incompetent or unstable and therefore unable to perform.

Does your team feel this way?

Has the leadership in your organization let people know that you want to hear from them? Or, do employees feel that speaking up could lead to stagnation in their role, or worse, firing?

At an organization level, implementing our Mindful Journey program will help:

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Decrease Healthcare Spend

Let’s face it, when employees are operating in a clear mental space and all six dimensions of wellness are working in congruence with one another, they’re less likely to be engaging in harmful behaviors or habits that enhance their risk for major health issues. Not only will your team members develop better habits from engagement in the Mindful Journey, but they’ll have fewer sick days.

A 2018 study from United Healthcare found that 56% of employees had fewer sick days because of wellness programs. In short, your team will have less days in the doctor’s office and more days in the office. They’ll spend time helping your company make money and less time losing your company money as a result of consistent healthcare visits due to challenges that could have been avoided on the front end.

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Reduce Turnover

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) suggests that the cost of replacing an employee is roughly 1.5-2x the individual salary of that employee. In other words, if you’re paying an employee $50,000 and they leave due to toxicity in the culture, it’s going to cost near $100,000 to replace that individual! Embedding The Mindful Journey as a benefit to your employees will help deepen their connection to your organization. As a result, turnover will be reduced and you’ll have meaningful dollars back to your bottom line that you can deploy to other area’s of the organization to continue sustained growth.

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Increase Engagement

We recognize that only in a perfect world will every employee of an organization always be engaged. That said, it’s irresponsible to believe that our program can accomplish 100% engagement. However, we were very intentional and methodic in the design of our community and the varying methods for content distribution. As a result, we know that we’ll be able to reach individuals across all generations currently immersed in your workplace while also reaching those who may resist comparable programs.

We promise to work with your team to ensure team members within your organization will actually engage with this wellness benefit. And we know once we get their buy in to the Mindful Journey, it will translate into engagement in your own culture. They’ll be more connected with internal employees and more connected to your company vision! This type of connection drives productivity, boosts morale, and enhances effectiveness.

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